fazira's blog started in September 2004, originally as a daily log of what i am doing or experiencing in my everyday life, and it still is till date. i usually blog in bahasa melayu rather than in english since it will be much faster for me to dump out my thoughts and telling others of my stories; obviously.

a chemical engineer by qualification. a researcher in advanced materials by profession. loves the job - i guess - cause i find it hard to leave it every time having thoughts of doing so - heh.

likes reading and photography quite a lot. found passion in silat cekak since advanced school days. and lately, doing outdoor activities seems to give me pleasant feelings as well. i guess i like to write and share the stories of my experience in these passions of mine, as you can see. in hope to inspire and be inspired by the little things evolving around this little soul.

still in search of who i am. fighting hard inside to keep on walking, hopefully calmer and calmer each day - along the road taken.

ini hanya sebuah kisah. kisah tentang sebuah perjalanan. yang biasa-biasa saja.

warm regards.