June 6, 2005

tiada lagi kidungmu

lagu yang recently berkumandang di telinga aku, hehe.. sung by Felix of AF3 (dah demamkah aku?) in the first concert last saturday.. best dowh dia nyanyi, huhu.. downloaded original version from lefthanded at jiwang. sum of us mite wonder what's KIDUNG actually mean, rite? so wut do you think it is? hehe.. referring to the lyrics - "Tiada Lagi Kudengar Kidungmu, Tiada Lagi Derai Tawamu" - wut can we towt at a first glance of the meaning.. even though this song was an old song, i guess back in 1980's.. but still kita x pasti apa maksud kidung itu, hehe.. neway, lesse the lyrics of the song first...

abghalim told us in one of the silat classes few months ago, Kidung - means Suara.. hehe.. so make sense huh, "Tiada Lagi Kudengar Suaramu" - he was fond of rock musics back then and when Lefthanded came out with the song Tiada Lagi Kidungmu he tried hard finding the meaning of the work Kidung in dictionary.. hehe, rajin abghalim nih.. but then, ijad said Cikgu Marlia explained it as Puisi in one of the AF classes.. so how?

and not to be fogotten, we can also find the word Kidung in one of the silat cekak buah - Kidung Kiri.. so does it mean suara kiri? suara siapa ya? ;P

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